A zero-effort chat service for Game and App devs

Enabling you to quickly create a community within your game or application.

Safe, Secure, and Goblin-proof.

No need to worry about hackers or snoops - users' messages are locked up tight using industry-standard encryption methods.

From the moment a client connects until the session is over, any data exchanged with our services are protected both in flight and at rest

Your chat, your rules!

Take control using our Discord bot integration and advanced AI moderation tools. Block bad actors and easily act as the gatekeeper to your community.

Keep up with what matters in your chat rooms, react only to what's relevant in your efforts to safeguard your users, even before they reach out.

Thanks to on-demand and automatic translations, you can moderate conversations in most languages, even if you don't speak them.

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Moderation tools

  • Discord Integration
  • Get notified of user conduct reports
  • Manage and action them within Discord

AI Assistance

  • Automatically assess and report user misconduct
  • Leverage powerful language translation features


  • Translations on-the-fly and on demand
  • Integrates seamlessly in the service and in moderation tools

Cloud-driven, and available Worldwide.

Let your service disruption worries drift away...

Our services are always available, easily scalable, and able to weather any storm. And the best part? Updates are automatic and don't disrupt your workday.

No downtime for our services means more downtime for you!

Supported Platforms


Right now, we officially support Unity, with the aim to make implementation as quick and painless as possible.

Ready to get started with Unity?

Grab our asset from the Unity Asset Store.

Good news!

We're happy to share that our public API is open for anyone to use. This means you can still add some chat magic to your projects with FiveMinute Chat, even on non-officially supported platforms.

Need some help? No worries.

Refer to our documentation to get started, or head over to our discord for support.